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12.3.2024 -
New Season of Hela launching on the 29th of March at 18:00 CET
Author: Freyr

The server will be a seasonal server with higher rates. --------

New Content, Updates and Changes

New key changes for this season is our new Shard system, which will help bolster the rune market. New dungeons and a higher loot rate than previous seasons to help facilitate an action packed playstyle. Most Quests are restored to their original state, while some have their original + additional rewards.

To give players less oriented towards war more of an
endgame to play for, all seven seals within the Pits of Inferno are available to be solved. Some of their solutions have been altered to keep them fresh, but has also had their clues polished to give solving it a more fun and less convoluted experience.

There are a few new
Mysteriandos available to be solved exclusively for Hela. Each of them with their own storyline, but their difficulty is very high. Do not expect to solve them within a week or two. Any unsolved Mysteriando will however remain unchanged in future seasons, so your hard work and any notes you make will still hold value even if you fail to solve it within a season.


Level 1 to level 10
: 30x
Level 11 to level 20
: 20x
Level 21 to level 30
: 15x
Level 31 to level 40
: 10x
Level 41 to level 60
: 8x
Level 61 to level 80
: 6x​
Level 81 to level 100
: 4x
Level 101 to level 110
: 3x
Level 111
+: 2x

Past Issues

I know Odenia has had it's fair share of problems in the past and I'm very happy for each and everyone who continues to support the project despite this. Our every indication is that the server is crash free, our last crash occurred back in October, and the issue behind it was pinpointed and solved. We have thankfully not experienced any crashes since on either of our game servers and believe them to be stable now.

Debugs is another matter, two debug issues has been found and solved since the previous seasons of Hela. But it is a very hard area to deal with perfectly as the causes are hard to reproduce, we hope that it will be a minimal issue for all players and we're doing our best to collect data and solve any debugs that might happen. We will also create a guide in the coming days with small things you can do as a player to minimize the risk of debugs or client crashes.

Our goal is for Odenia to become an error free experience one day
, and the data we collect from each player is valuable for that goal. until such a day, we have improved our safety system which will detect if a client debugs and protect a player from the death penalty, automatically protecting your items, experience and now also blessings.

This is the only assistance a player will receive in favor of avoiding the risk of meddling with the game. We do not wish to accidentally give anyone any special treatment but rather let everyone play according to the same automatic systems for an absolutely fair and impartial ruling in every individual case.

In the past
, I have personally dealt with a lot of issues from different individual players out of wanting to do good. But I've come to realize that this is contrary to what I perceive the community wishes because it gives room to a lot of rumors and hearsay.


, any player who wishes to transfer an existing Hela Season 2 or 3 character to Loka may contact Freyr on Discord or open a ticket.

More detailed information will be added in a new section soon on Discord
. Both about our custom changes, which has been highly requested.
Guide for preventive measures and how to optimize your client
(Stop steplag). As well as our development roadmap.

Finally, the current iteration of Hela will clear over the coming days.
Thank you for playing and congratulations to Notorious for being the first level 100!

12.3.2024 -
Relaunch the 29th of March
Author: Freyr


Just a short announcement.

Hela will relaunch on the 29th of March at 18:00 CET.
If anyone wants their character transferred from HelaS3 to Loka, contact Freyr on Discord.

Click Here for Discord

4.3.2024 -
Changes to Dungeon Requirements
Author: Freyr

A lot of players struggle with getting to do the Dungeons even once due to the difficulty of finding a full team with at least one of each vocation. Which results in Dungeons almost becoming exclusive to people who plays in a team. 

Therefore as a temporary test since it's especially tough with the low population, the vocation requirements are being ignored. 


Doing any of the dungeons will still require four players, but you're now free to mix the vocations up as you see fit.
Furthermore cooldown timer has been halved for all dungeons, allowing up to two fully rewarded runs within a day. 

These are not permanent changes, but if its very well received we could consider making it permanent or a variation of it, such as only requiring 3 out of 4 vocations or only having strict requirements for the high level dungeons, in the future. 

The change is motivated by our goal to have content that is fun, accessible and enjoyable to a wide variety of players rather than a select few.

#1. Jahuta
Level: (99)

#2. Lucio
Level: (87)

#3. Sway
Level: (77)

#4. Fengel
Level: (76)

#5. Pidhi
Level: (63)