09 November 2023 (11:37)


A few changes were made in preparation for the next major content update which is around the corner.

Added the following items to Ashtar:
  • Ancient Amulet
  • Scarab Amulet
  • Daramian Waraxe
  • Daramian Mace
  • Heavy Machete
  • Magic Light Wand
  • Scarab Coins
  • Monarch Helmet
  • ..and more

Balancing changes:

  • Sludge Crawlers had their HP reduced from 3000 to 2000.
  • Minor changes to the loot table of Sludge Crawlers.
  • Minor improvements to the loot from Demon Skeletons, such as Skull of Vengeance.
  • Improved connection between player and client.
  • Ping improvements to non EU countries.

06 October 2023 (22:34)

Secrets of Jakundaf

The Jakundaf Dungeon is located within the Desert Quest. Typically, players receive a standard 10k reward upon entering the teleport. However, if a team comprising all four vocations stands on the designated tiles and pulls the lever, they will be transported to our first dungeon.

This dungeon offers many rewards:

Experience: Upon successful completion, adventurers gain experience, which can be claimed once per day.
Dungeon Chest: This contains varying monetary prizes.
Exclusive Boss Loot: The final room houses a formidable boss. Defeating this foe may yield unique items found nowhere else.
Moreover, after your first completion of the Jakundaf Dungeon, you can approach King Tibianus to request a free promotion.

Players entering the dungeon for the first time are also bestowed with key spells vital for the dungeon's challenges:

Light Heal Friend (Exana Sio)
Destroy Field Rune spell

Minimum Recommended Supplies
For a group aiming to conquer the dungeon, the following supplies are advised:

Ring of Healings (from the Desert Quest)
2 backpacks filled with mana fluids
2 backpacks of heavy magic missile runes
A backpack of Intense Healing Runes
A backpack of Ultimate Healing runes
Crossbow with at least 300 bolts
2-3 destroy field runes.

Come prepared and may fortune favor your quest!
(Each Dungeon can be completed for full reward once per 18 hours)
11 August 2023 (16:49)


Patch Notes

The Trials of Patella - First Dungeon
The trials are now fully available in the game, this is our first in a line of dungeons that will be introduced into the game, initially with the goal of making your journey into Odenia smoother as we're rolling out the lower leveled dungeons first. 
But in time it will also bring you high level content and challenge as the level of our dungeons increase.

If you're coming from Rookgaard, the Oracle can send you to the Trials. If you're already in main, talk to any of the temple priests.

Some of the things the Trials of Patella offers is starting equipment, your first couple of spells and introduction to some of Odenias unique features, like Tranquility Zones. 
It also has a few secrets to be discovered as you progress your journey and gives great experience, both literally and figuratively.

Good luck!

Magical Shards has been introduced into the game which transform into an assortment of random runes influenced by your vocation when broken (used). 

  • Weak Magical Shards have been added to all monsters.
  • Weak Magical Shard has been added for in-game purchase to Alexander in Edron.
28 July 2023 (15:22)

New World - Hela

Odenia is happy to announce the launch of our second server Hela, this server will be a seasonal server with higher rates. It will have a definitive end to it and is planned to revive multiple times throughout this year and the following. 

So make the most out of your adventure in each season.